Kablan Also Known As TravelinLight

#1 Documented Psychic Energy Healing on The Internet

Trustworthiness is the most important aspect of choosing a psychic source for your help. In 2020 Kablan has returned to devoting part of the day to giving free readings, demonstrating psychic intuition, clearing and manifesting to show the world that the human psychic system is indeed real and can be used to manifest an abundance of excellence in your life. Look for his screen name, TravelinLight on the top psychic video chat platform in the world.


Happiness is the common reason of why people do everything- either for immediate gratification or for happiness in the anticipated future. Many attribute security as a means to happiness. Kablan incorporates Cosmic Awareness with all readings, and Astral Energy Clearings to help each and every client achieve the Freedom from current and assumed limitations.

  • Free Chat Opportunities with Kablan to see if you will Happy working with him.
  • Self empowering styled guidance puts clients in control of their own Happiness.
  • Clearing of energy blocks to let the natural state of Happiness shine through.
  • Kablan’s Exclusive Psychic Belief Busting 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 for removal of false limiting beliefs.
  • Weekly Energy Forecasts Produced From Cutting Edge Astrology Methods.
  • Kablan’s shares his techniques with clients so you can prosper during, after, and before your next session.
  • Optionally, you may choose to train in Cosmic Awareness to discover your natural state of Happiness.


Kablan helps people world wide to achieve excellence in their personal life, relationships, and businesses. Ask “how can I make it happen” and your guides will speak through Kablan as per your desire. In addition to expert accurate psychic guidance, Kablan offers other tools to help you achieve more easily.


What can You achieve by working with Kablan in the realms of the Psychic, Astral, and Cosmic?

  • Freedom from bad relationships or conditions that create them.
  • Freedom from manipulation and intimidation from others.
  • Freedom from negative impulses and obsessions.
  • Freedom from mechanical behaviors which have caused unsuspected negative surprises.
  • Freedom from the annoyances which prevent awareness and growth.
    ~Not only do you receive Freedom, but you also get the diminishing of bad luck, and augmented good luck.~


Next to happiness, security is the top motivator for everyone. People attribute happiness to security. Here are certain steps Kablan has takes to ensure security in all aspects possible.

  • This site will never sell or share your information as a mailing list or for any other reason.
  • No records are ever kept of your session, except for Skype chats which you have access to.
  • You are encouraged to record each session whether during the quick readings, or in the Mentor Program.
  • If an answer or prediction is not clear, or it is something you need to work on, Kablan will tell you- no guess work.
  • 100% Security Guarantee that Kablan does no extra research on your personal data before, during, or after a session ever. (Not all psychics can say this!)


Many come to Kablan for quick readings and clearings. But some stay to learn the techniques for themselves. For those who seek this, Kablan is known for making ancient and modern teachings of the ages, simple to understand and easy to apply immediately for every day situations you encounter. Which includes:

  • Psychic Abilities- To see what is really going on in the situations of your life every day.
  • Full Realization- To master your mind, feelings, connection to source and live more securely.
  • Clearing, Manifesting and Releasing- For your personal life, businesses, and relationships.
  • Esoteric Texts of the East and West- Suddenly being able to easily decode and understand master teachings of the ages.
  • Astral Energy including Remote Influencing- For making changes in health, well being, and prosperity.
  • Emotion and Mind Self Control- To reach levels beyond the things which stop others.
  • Astrology- For planning things with the grace of Planetary Energies.
  • Numerology- To see compatibility issues, and to understand people better.
  • Plus Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Dowsing, Proper Pendulum Technique, Tarot and other ways of diving.

Sessions are always customized to the interests and needs of the client.