The Mentor Program is for people who are serious about making positive life transformations.  Private Video Chat Sessions are scheduled to be convenient for you, on Skype, Xoom, or FB Messenger. You get a regular time and day each week. Best results are on a PC or laptop. A microphone is required. Optional camera is recommended. Phones can be used if absolutely necessary. Those simply desiring quick accurate readings, or fast pain relief clearings, should click here to try Kablan or to work with him for the first time.

 And if you are serious about changing your life for the better, together we focus in the Mentor Program on your goals and desires in the areas of personal life, health, relationships, love, family, business, and money.

The Mentor Program is highly recommended for Belief Busting, Astrology, Cosmic Awareness, Full Realization, Psychic Development, and deep rooted issues for 2 reasons. These things take more than 15 minutes- sometimes taking a whole 1 hour session or more. Secondly, the advantage of 2 way video and audio chat and sometimes file sharing is necessary to provide best communication for these types of things. Please use the following form to apply and be accepted into Kablan’s Mentor Program today.

To Summarize

  • It is recommended to first have a single session with Kablan first. Click here to catch Kablan AKA TravelinLight in Free Chat or to schedule a single session.
  • The Mentor Program is for people who desire ongoing support in all areas of their life.
  • The Mentor Program is customized to each client’s individual needs and desires. Sessions may include Psychic Reading and Clearing, Goal Manifesting, Energy Clearing, Belief Busting, Full Realization, Cosmic Awareness, Astrology, Meditation, Mind and Emotion Self Control and  Psychic Development.
  • Most Mentor Program clients have been with Kablan for 3 to 8 years because their lives have become much easier, happier and successful.
  • Space in Kablan’s schedule is in demand so please fill out the above form in the most detail possible.
  • Only Mentor Program clients get access to Kablan’s private Skype and Facebook Messaging, which are where your sessions happen, usually once a week.
  • Remember that quick one time readings and clearings (Non-Mentor Program) are available by clicking here. Simply click here and create a username. Please come Kablan here before applying for the mentor program.