We’re ALL About Help

For technical support with logins or any connectivity issues with our services and programs, we have two ways to help you.

1. Email support@psychickablan.com

2. Connect with our Support Staff on our Psychic Advantage Facebook page and get help via FB Messenger.

We are often able to help you immediately but please allow for 24-48 hours.

Please be nice to our Support Staff. They can do a lot of good things for you

LOGIN Instructions

After registering check your email for the login information. When logging in remember to use the same email you used to purchase your session or program on PayPal. Enter this email and password into the login screen.

Welcome Page

If you see our welcome page, Congratulations you are in! From here you can access the services and programs you have purchased through the main header menu. If you can’t access this page, please double check your email and password before contacting Support.

Accessing Services

When accessing a service like Group Sessions, if at any time you see a salespage you are not properly logged in. You can find the login button on the top header menu. When properly logged in you will see a welcome message. From here you can access all of the program content.